Pateh needlework


Pateh needlework

Pateh needlework The other names of pateh needle work is Selsele needlwork or fateh needlework. The oldest piece of pateh, which is now available, is related to Farajollah Kermani, and then, the cover of the tomb of Shah Nematollah in Mahan, which dates back to 1285 AH. Pateh is a needlework that usually covers most of the fabric parts by the seams of Alwan.

Wallpaper tablecloths, Kerman


Needlework, creating a role, is made up of fabric-colored stitches with a very simple and primitive tool. This tool consists of a thimble and needle sewing and colored stitches. The skilled craftsman traverses the color among the fabric , drawing a drawing patterns from his mind and soul.

Tablecloths needle, Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan

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