Pottery and ceramics


Traditional pottery

Pottery is one of the most popular handicraft products in Iran. Lesser provinces are found in Iran where pottery is not prevalent.

Parch Minaa Pottery, Hamedan, Lalejin

Modern pottery

In this section, the creations of artists are introduced that rely on knowledge related to ceramic science to create works that are designed, colored and applied in accordance with the needs of modern day society.

Large plate pottery, Semnan, Shahrood

Relief and tableau

One of the branches of pottery art is the production of Relief. Today, this valuable art is continued by Iranian artists, and with the development of art and the use of new technology, in various ways, has become a beautiful project sector in our country, so that this ancient and beautiful art is known as one of the most important elements and characteristics of metro stations.

 Angel battle with satan tableau, Khorasan Razavi, Mashhad


The roleplaying is the most complete and special manifestation of Iranian genius in the creation of visual beauty. From the prehistoric times, the genius of the Iranian people became apparent in the brilliant arrangement of pottery and tile works of this land. Of the red brick and plated, the simplest buildings of the fifth thousandth or the dusty tiles of the second millennium of Lorestan to the stunning tiles of multicolored pearls in Shoosh and Persepolis.

Seven-colored tile, bergamot design, Isfahan


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