Traditional Textiles


Traditional fabrics The textile industry in Iran is called Sher weaving. The various kinds of traditional Sher weaving are: weaving, knitting, embroidery, knitted or crocheted, velvet weaving, Termeh weaving, Ikat and Shal weaving.

Complete set of Termeh seven C (Haft-seen) table, Yazd, Ardakan

Traditional cloths

















Qashqaii Hat

Childish vests, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Dezak

Turkmen dress (Chowood), Golestan, Kavos dome

Turkmen Children's Clothing, Golestan, Gonbad Kavos

Ikat, Yazd

Termeh Manteu, Diba design, Yazd

Traditional Shoes

Until now, Giveh has been produced in various regions of Iran, depending on the weather conditions, in different ways, and has always been used by villagers and tribes. Giveh (Klash), produced in the province of Kurdistan, is made from cotton cloth attached and compressed by the cattle stream, resulting in a completely ergonomic product. This means that the cloth floor will absorb moisture as soon as it is used and adjust the Giveh (Kalsh) to the bottom of the foot.

Ajideh Giveh, Arak 

 Female Giveh, Ilam




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