One of the methods of decorating metals is a piece of art that dates back to the time of the Scythians or Siths. The art of Toreutics is to put motifs on metals by means of a variety of pens. Today, this art is more common in the cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Lorestan province.

Raghs Sama toreutics, Tehran

Vitreous enamel

The history of this art dates back to the Sasanian era. The art of painting enamel reaches its peak during the Safavid period in Iran and continues to this day in the same way. The enamel is a glass-like material that looks like a glazed tile due to melting on the surface of metal objects. This art is used to make panels, watches, decorative utensils, and more.

Sheets and plates, Isfahan

Engraving on metal

The engraving means the silvering of the motifs on the metal with a sharp tool. Today, this art is prevalent in Tabriz, Zanjan, Maragheh and Tehran, and is mostly done by Armenian-speaking artists.

Silver engraved pot, East Azarbaijan, Tabriz



Last Update At : 13 November 2017