Charm Jeweleries


In the past, local charm jewelry were mostly made by the Turkmens in Golestan Province, some parts of Khorasan, Sistan and Baluchistan, Kurdistan as well as Kermanshah Province; but today the urban societies, patterns and primary traditional materials are replaced with novel patterns and primary materials such as glass, wood, metal, ceramic and so on.

Pottery Jewelry and Decoration

Pottery is an art that is one thousand years old and is used in making pottery jewelry. 

Ceramic Necklace, Eastern Azerbaijan, Tabriz

Wooden Jewelry and Decoration

To make these pieces of jewelry, we first design and cut the wood, then we form it by using the jigsaw as well as the fretsaw. After that, we try to make arabesque by using a file and thin chisels to make out our favorite shapes. 

Arabesque Brooch, Fars, Abadeh

Metal Jewelry and decoration

Copper jewelries and colored marbles (1300 to 3000 BC) are discovered in Iran in the Bronze Age. 

Brazen, turquoise-colored bracelet, Artemis, Isfahan

Sea Jewelry and Decoration

Today, many shells with various designs are used in making jewelries. 

Shell Necklace, Hormozgan, Bandar Abbas

Last Update At : 26 September 2017