Revers Glass Painting


One of the most difficult and intriguing branches of painting is Reverse Glass Painting that has been blossomed since Zandiay dynasty and the beginning of Qajar era; this kind of painting is mostly used to design the ceilings of the luxury houses. Most of the painting topics are beautiful sceneries, rural heaps as well as the figures of the mythical women and the pictures of hens and fish.

Reverse Glass Painting is an imported art that was gradually impressed by the Iranian culture and became an indigenous art. The main difference between Reverse Glass Painting and other types of painting is the bottom-up drawing and coloring which means that firstly the details and then are the background colored.

Reverse Glass Painting Sample


The person who does Reverse Glass Painting is supposed to be familiar with the introductions of drawing and be able to draw various schemes of sceneries, non-living nature, animals and birds, historical glass wares and miniature on the light and opaque glass then sort out various kinds of Reverse Glass painting.



Last Update At : 09 August 2017