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Rose Bush Painting is an appealing and enchanting art that manifests the beauty of the nature. Many painters are interested in this field and there are a few artists who have not experienced working in this area.

Isfahani and Shirazi experts are the ones who have the most experiences in Rose Bush Painting; they also founded two distinguished schools in this field. This art is mostly done on the pen-cases, mirror frames and boxes that sometimes appear in the shape of pictures. “Lotfaali Khan Shiazi” is one of the famous and competent professors in this field who lived in Muhammad Shah times; most of his masterpieces on the book covers are of the most expensive ones in the royal library.


                        Rose Bush Painting Sample

Flower and Bird Painting

Flower and bird painting is one of the common motifs in the art of Iranian painting. It is the heart of the Godsend and its elegant and gentle manifestation. The romantic dialogue between flower and bird is similar to worshiping God. Flower is the symbol of the beloved and bird is the symbol of the lover. We can find the oldest flower and bird in Babakhani museum in Arak. In the ancient paintings, Simurgh is painted on the trees because its house is usually on the tree and is the symbol of life. When Islam came to Iran, Simurgh became known as the code of Gabriel. This painting style is mostly seen on the bowls and dishes that belong to Sasani dynasty.

The artists in the Zandiey dynasty performed this art in great dimensions, in architecture and designing big buildings.

In Qajar era, this art was applied in the field of architecture, painting and gilding then was named “Foreignizing” since Safavid dynasty.



Flower and Bird Painting Sample





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