Sculpture is the art of making things and is possibly done in any size or with all materials. Effigies, statues or the sculptures are the samples of such an art. Any kind of three dimensional effigies with an artistic vision is called a sculpture. However, we should know that this art is not just shaping things, but needs creativity and innovation.

Sculpture is an art since the oldest civilization emerged: there are some evidences from the Croods’ civilization that manifest it. As time unfolded, sculpture changed to an authentic and splendid art because stone and wood as the raw materials were used in it; it also became known as the identity card to introduce various civilizations and their life styles.


Sculpture is common in the areas that the weather is hot and humid or mild with jungle vegetation and we can easily access woods.

The Statue of Hawk


Metal containers are made in various ways such as hammering (enameling), bending and casting. This art-industry has been common in Iran since the old times that were designed and decorated any way expected. In the past, such techniques were used to make metal containers, war tools, any kind of fillings on the doors (called zamood gari) and so on. However, today bending and hammering are used to make containers, dishes and also to do typification. Handicrafts that are made this way are: decorative animal shapes, abstract metal sculptures, traditional and modern metal containers and so on.

The Statue of a Surena Player


It is one of the oldest handicrafts that ages for 8000 years. In the past, pottery was made by hand to make daily tools and life appliances. The first sample of the pottery is discovered in the area of “Sialak” in Kashan (almost 7000 years ago) and the first sample of the kiln is discovered in Shoosh in Khouzestan (about 6000 years ago). Now we are left with a great deal of these primitive potteries because they are very resistant to erosion, weathering and other environmental factors. They are mostly made for ordinary use and are not just for decoration. Some of them are very primitive. According to some researchers these containers were definitely made for the children who played there and now are the first examples of the sculptures made by clay.

Pottery Bird


Carving is one of the oldest and the most respectable Iranian handicrafts. Almost 2800 years before Christ, there were an industry within the boundaries of Iran and India (Today Sistan and Baluchestan) where stone containers were made and then imported to Syria and Sumer. Carving the stones was applied to design the walls of the mosques, the buildings, the tombs as well as the capitals. This art is also used in making things such as stone pots, marble chess, accessories; they are also applied in the field of interior design.

          Ferdowsi Statue

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