Shahnameh Published in Austria in German Language

25 May 2018 | 18:20 Code : 2079 All News
A German translation of internationally renowned Iranian poet Aboqassem Ferdowsi’s masterpiece, Shahnameh (Letter of the Kings) was published in Austria thanks to Iranian cultural attaché’s efforts.

Publication of the German translation of Shahnameh which is inclusive of some 20 thousand verses and tells the tales of mythical Iranian kings from the story of Alexander the Greek’s invasion till the poet’s era was commissioned by the Austrian Science Academy, while the Iranian cultural attaché contributed to its editing and print process.

Famous Austrian Iranologist and literary figure Adam Polach had translated the work from Farsi into German during the World War II and during the course of the past few years Mohammad Rastergar, an Iranian researcher who is a retired staffer of the Austrian Science Academy did the editing of the precious book.

Head of the Iranology Institute of the Austrian Science Academy, Dr. Florian Schwartz in the epilogue of the book briefs the readers about Shahnameh’s contents and appreciates the Iranian cultural attaché and the Austrian Science Academy for the publication of the fine literary work.

The 1,362-page four-volume book was published by Berlin’s Klaus Schwartz Publications.



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