Internet-Based Farsi Language Learning Website Unveiled in Georgia

12 June 2018 | 17:31 Code : 2075
On Commemoration Day of Hakim Omar Khayyam in Tiblisi State University of Georgia Republic, an internet-based Farsi language learning website was unveiled for the Georgian enthusiasts of learning Farsi.

 the Commemoration Day of Hakim Omar Khayyam is sponsored by the Iran Cultural Attaché in Georgia and present in the commemoration service there were Qavam Shahidi, the Iranian ambassador and Hamid Mostafavi, the Iranian cultural attaché, as well as professors and students of Farsi language and literature.

A number of professors and university students spoke about the personality and works of Omar Khayyam in the meeting and recited some of his poems.

At the end the internet-based Farsi language learning website was unveiled.

The commemoration service began with presentation of a report by Namadi Barita, the head of Iran Studies Department of Tiflis State University on the current status of studies on Iran in that university.

He also offered the background of translating Khayyam’s quartets in Georgia, adding, “Translation and publication of Omar Khayyam’s quartets in Gorgy language in Georgia Republic began in the 1924 by Ivsetine Abulatze, one of the founders of the Faculty of Iran Studies in Tiflis State University.”

Namadi Barita said that after that poetic translations of Khayyam were presented by Ambako Chelidze and Dwight Kubitze in the year 1946 in a book and this blessed tradition has continued with the translations of the late Professor Magali Tudoa and Professor Akhushti Kutetishoili, Tamaz Chekhenkeli, Alexander Eldashvili and he himself.

Qavam Shahidi, the Iranian ambassador to Georgia, too, in his address in the commemoration service referring to the historical relations between Iran and Georgia, said, “The cultural and literary relations between the two countries throughout history has played its strong and influential role and is considered as one of the foundation stones for expansion of bilateral ties.

“The existence of lots of cultural commonalties has brought close together these two countries and created a historical mutual understanding and dialogue between the two nations, which is priceless,” said the ambassador.

Hamid Mostafavi, the Iranian cultural attaché was the next speaker, who referred to Hakim Omar Khayyam as one of the most prominent and influential personalities in the history of the Iranian culture and civilization.

“Khayyam is one of the grand personalities who have spent their entire lives in pursuit of scientific achievements and the truth, and in addition to his exalted literary status, he is very revered among the philosophers, the mathematicians, and the astronomers,” he added.

He also focused on the role played by translation in boosting cultural relations, such as the Gorgy translations of Omar Khyam’s quartets and expressed hope that the students of Iran studies and Farsi language and literature will have broader studies on Khayyam and the poetry of other renowned Iranian poets and authors than ever before.

Then a number of students presented their articles on the personality and works of Khayyam and some of them recited some of his quartets in Farsi ad Gorgy languages.

At the end of the commemoration service Abbas Jahedja and Leyla Rezaie unveiled the internet-based Farsi language learning website, which is launched thanks to the efforts of two dispatched professors from Tehran in collaboration with the professors and students of Faculty of Iran Studies.


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