Persian language – an ancient heritage of our ancestors- is still dynamic and alive although it has been exposed to many historical and geographical incidents. Many non-Persian speakers are concerned about this language that manifests Iran’s old civilization, culture and literature. Today, Iranian and non-Iranian non-Persian speakers are willing to learn Persian more than always.

The great need of the foreigners to learn Persian Language in the recent decades helped to establish Saadi Foundation in 2012 directed by Dr. Gholam Ali Haddad Adel. He also took the responsibility of planning and making policies in the field of Persian language teaching to the speakers of other languages in Iran and in the world. That was how Saadi Foundation took the responsibility of leading researchers, teachers, writers, language learners and the centers of teaching Persian to the speakers of other languages.

One of the prominent programs of the foundation since the very beginning was paving the way for the specialists and the people who are interested in the field of teaching Persian to the speakers of other languages to communicate with Saadi Foundation and share their goals. In order to achieve this goal, Saadi Foundation began its activities in the library simultaneously with other activities, and produce the educational materials to teach Persian to the speakers of Other languages. They tried to found the most comprehensive library for this specific field and provided an educational, research-based environment for the researchers, writers and language learners. Now that the specialists have paved the way to reach this goal, Saadi Foundation will provide the audiences with the necessary information by using this library. 

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Last Update At : 04 September 2017