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Dear supporters

Saadi Foundation owes his fame to the tireless efforts of the teachers and the learners who try to expand Persian language abroad. This foundation is the caretaker of Persian language in the world, and closely cooperates with the educational and cultural institutions as well as the organizations in and out of Iran.

The cultural consolations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Persian language centers in the universities and the Persian language education and research institutions out of Iran as the agencies of Saadi foundation have constructive cooperation and supports with Saadi foundation to help it arrange the plans and activities, but in fact Saadi foundation is not very much financially supported and is not able to respond to various needs of the Persian Language Teaching Centers in the world; therefore, presenting big plans to spread Persian language around the world would be possible by having the supports and collaborations of the people and the centers who are willing to reinforce such activities. If sources of income could be provided on behalf of the centers and the ones who support Saadi Foundation financially and non-financially, it would help this foundation to take up and finish the big plans on its own responsibility.

If you are interested in expanding Persian Language all around the world and are looking for deep mutual cultural perceptions in various artistic majors such as music, theatre, cinema, fine arts and so on, you can contact our experts. Saadi Foundation can make connections with more people around the world with your cooperation and support. Remember that by knowing Persian language you will know seven thousand years of civilization and culture as well as peaceful and humanistic values of the ancient country, Iran.

Different kinds of support

A)    Non-financial supports

Donating entailed properties/ donating properties to build Persian language school in and out of country/ building Persian Language institutes in foreign universities/ accepting the expenses to admit the poor students or the students with low income in the field of Persian language and literature/ donating the special prizes for the elites and the best researchers (professors and students) in the field of Persian language/ free Persian language teaching by the teachers and the professors/ direct financial support for a Persian language group in one of the countries/

(According the regulations of some of the countries, such payments are in the form of tax payments)

B)    Financial Support

The bank account of Saadi Foundation in Bank Melli Iran:

Account Number

The kind of Account

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Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Samira Yaftian, the head of the Public Relations Center

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