Professional Courses


Specific Courses (for the Persian Learners)

This course consists of two sub-courses entitled “Teaching Persian Literature special for Afqans and Tajiks” and “Teacher Training Courses for Persian Speakers” which are designed for two Elementary and Advanced levels- these courses are held depending on the needs of the addresses.

Scientific contents of the specific sub-courses (special for Persian Learners)

Scientific contents of these sub-courses make it possible for the applicants not only obtain the necessary specific skills, but also do researches and teach Persian Language specifically on a par with the subjects they are interested in.

Scientific contexts of the specific sub-courses (special for Persian Learners)

Lesson Topics

Sub-course Name


Teaching Persian Literature (Special for Afqans and Tajiks)

·An introduction to Poetry and Prose/ An introduction to Linguistics and Discourse Analysis

·Word Choice, Textual Criticism and Text Correction / Comparative Literature (Introduction/ Theory)

·Grammar/ Criticism and Literal Theory/ Checking the scissors and pastes

Teacher Training Courses for Persian Speakers

·The principles and theories of Teaching and Learning / The principles of Teaching Reading Skills

·The principles of Teaching Listening Skills / The principles of Teaching Speaking Skills

·The principles of Teaching Writing Skills/ The Principles of Teaching Grammar

·The Principles of Teaching Vocabulary/ the principles of producing educational contents


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