Job Description


In the implementation of Article 10 of the Saadi Foundation Statute, the council shall be headed by the chairman of the foundation and shall be composed of 15 juridicial and natural persons, with the following duties.

Council functions:

Description of Duties of the Saadi Foundation:

• Formulating Fundamental Strategies and Policies for approval by the Board of Trustees;

• Examining and adopting the Persian language development extensions in the world;

• Adopting appropriate measures to strengthen the position and dissemination of Persian language in the world;

• Investigation and approval of the Foundation's scientific and research standards;

• Approval of eligibility criteria (scholarships), study opportunities for students and foreign professors and awarding eligible individuals;

• Providing scientific advice and suggestions in a variety of fields, such as: the implementation of scientific, research and educational programs, the content and scientific composition of conferences, resources, texts and educational practices;

• Approval of the rules for sending professors of Persian language abroad;

• Comment on the topics referred by the head of the Foundation.

Last Update At : 13 November 2017