Persian Language and Literature Research Centers


Saadi Foundation consists of three Persian Language Research Centers in the world: “Persian Language Research Center in India”, “Persian Language Research Center in Pakistan” and “Persian Language Research Center in Tajikistan”.

These centers attempt at disseminating Persian language teaching in the target countries that are active in this field with the help of cultural consultations.

Codicology, disseminating Persian Language Teaching and Research are the major activities of this center.

Persian – Tajik Culture Research Center

This research center was founded in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan, in 1995 and Saadi Foundation accepted the responsibility for its management since 2015.

This culture center is one of the important centers for scientific and cultural cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan. To mention some of its significant activities, translating and releasing the published books in Iran in Cyrillic as well as translating and releasing the published books in Tajikistan in Persian are considered necessary.



This research center helps researchers in writing and preparing books and continuously cooperates with cultural and scientific centers in Tajikistan.

The website address of this center is: which is managed by Hassan Gharibi, the head of the center and the representative of Persian Language and Literature academy in Tajiki scientific and cultural assemblies.


Iran and Pakistan Persian Research Center

Last Update At : 10 June 2017