Beginning a new round of Persian language classes in Paris

24 February 2018 | 18:09 Code : 2073 SaadiFoundation News
The new round of Persian language and literature teaching classes of Iranian Culture House in Paris began with the participation of interested individuals in the culture and the Persian language.
Beginning a new round of Persian language classes in Paris

According to the Public Relations Office of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Students of this course are from France who participate in these classes with the goals and motives of research, economic and cultural activities. The new course of Persian language classes in Iranian culture in Paris ends in June of this year.

These classes are in line with the number and level of knowledge of participants at various levels, and each semester consists of 15 sessions and 60 training hours.

Expedition of superior language learners to attend the courses in Iran is one of the encouraging programs of the Persian Culture House for Persian language students.

New educational methods such as displaying Persian films with topics on Iranian culture and civilization, holding group programs with an emphasis on Persian language and culture; as a language training session in a Persian restaurant, holding cultural art workshops such as the Iranian calligraphy workshop, familiarizing students with the Iranian educational and academic system in order to strengthen and encourage academic and academic cooperation and exchanges, are used in this training.

The courses offered consist of four levels: full beginner, elementary A one, elementary A two and moderate, and a total of 40 learners.


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