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 Great Iranian Poet Ferdowsi Commemorated in Afghanistan
A commemoration ceremony for the late great Iranian Poet Hakim Abolqasem Ferdowsi was held in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, thanks to cooperation of Islamic Republic of Iran Culture House in that city.
16 Wednesday May 2018  15:33
 Farsi and Kurdi Languages Surveyed in Kurdistan of Iraq
Iran’s University of Kurdistan and Iraqi Kurdistan’s Raprin University cosponsored a Conference on ‘Farsi and Kurdi Languages and Literatures from the Viewpoint of Aryan Mentality and Culture’ in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Raniyeh City.
8 Tuesday May 2018  15:42
 Persian Language Training in Greece
The autumn term of the Persian language and literature courses were completed in the cultural advisory of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Athens.
25 Sunday February 2018  16:39
 Beginning a new round of Persian language classes in Paris
The new round of Persian language and literature teaching classes of Iranian Culture House in Paris began with the participation of interested individuals in the culture and the Persian language.
24 Saturday February 2018  15:39
 Opening of the first half-face learning course of Persian language in Hyderabad, Pakistan
The first half-face learning course of Persian language for women was opened with the support of Iranian culture house in Hyderabad, Pakistan.
5 Monday February 2018  13:2
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