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 Persian literature masterpieces translated into Chinese
Simultaneous with the inauguration of Beijing International Book Fair on Wednesday, the Chinese translations of 23 Persian literature masterpieces were unveiled.
24 Thursday August 2017  9:48
In the Plan of Attracting Domestic Publishers for Coming into Force of the Plan of TOP;
 The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Will Cooperate with Children Literature House to Publish the Iranian Works
The Center for Organizing Translation and Publication of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and the Publications of Children Literature House will cooperate for coming into force of the plan of TOP to publish the Iranian works in other countries.
12 Wednesday July 2017  15:2
 Persian Language Department Will be Established at Gulf College of Oman
At the ceremony of signing a cooperation agreement between the Persian Language Center of the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Gulf College of Oman it was announced that Persian Language Department will be established at this college.
11 Tuesday July 2017  9:40
 Iranian satire in 4th issue of “Fanoos Farsi” magazine
The 4th issue of “Fanoos Farsi” magazine for foreign Persian learners was published in the Belgrade University of Serbia.
20 Saturday May 2017  16:8
 Belgrade University seeks to launch Persian language major
An academic delegation from Serbia will visit Iran to negotiate on launching a major on Persian language and literature in University of Belgrade.
24 Monday April 2017  9:11
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