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 Persian language classes began in Erzurum
The winter course of the Persian language and literature classes with the effort of our countryʼs Cultural Counselor began in Erzurum.
25 Monday December 2017  15:31
 Certificate has been given to Persian language students in the Megatrend University, Serbia
Cultural Advisory of Iran celebrated the last night of autumn(Yalda) at the University of Megatrend Belgrade, Serbia. Students of elective language course were awarded that night with the certificates for the end of Persian language course
24 Sunday December 2017  14:55
With the support of Iranian cultural representatives
 The ceremony of the last night of Autumn was held in overseas
The ceremony of the last night of Autumn was held in overseas with the presence and performance of Iranian artists and by the support of Iranian cultural representatives.
23 Saturday December 2017  15:11
Serbian Knowledge of Persian Language:
 Persian Is Such a Sweet Language!
The rhythm of spoken Persian resembles Turkish or Arabic to the majority of Serbs. When Iranians speak, Serbs think they are singing. Your language is that sweet.
18 Monday December 2017  15:24
 Beginning of free Persian language courses in Serbia
Persian Language and Literature Courses have been organized and begun with the effort of the Cultural Advisory of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Serbia.
22 Wednesday November 2017  14:24
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