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Notes by Paul Sprachman, an American translator, and author
 I will miss the conversation and correspondence with Mohsen Soleimani
Translator of the books "Journey to Heading 270 Degrees", "Chess with the Doomsday Machine", "A City Under Siege", "Ismail" and "Da" with a commemoration of late Mohsen Soleimani published a note.
31 Wednesday January 2018  15:51
 Beginning of the 7th Persian Language Course in Japan
With the support of Iranʼs cultural advisory and the cooperation of the Saadi Foundation, the 7th Persian Language training course was officially launched at the Iranian Cultural advisory in Japan.
30 Tuesday January 2018  17:14
 Holding the 64th literary society meeting of the Bidel Dehlavi in New Delhi
The 64th literary society meeting of the Bidel Dehlavi was held by Iranian Cultural Advisory Research Center in New Delhi.
29 Monday January 2018  15:47
 Persian language teaching in Baghdad
The Persian Language and Literature Workshop was held in Baghdad with the coordination of our countryʼs cultural advisory.
22 Monday January 2018  9:35
 The beginning of the new Persian language teaching course in New Delhi
The new Persian language teaching course began at the culture ʼs house of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New Delhi.
16 Tuesday January 2018  9:42
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