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Beginning of the 7th Persian Language Course in Japan
With the support of Iranʼs cultural advisory and the cooperation of the Saadi Foundation, the 7th Persian Language training course was officially launched at the Iranian Cultural advisory in Japan.
Beginning of the 7th Persian Language Course in Japan

 in this training course, which was designed in three levels and eight classes, the number of Persian learners increased by 20% compared with the previous period, with the participation of 75 people was held. Three professors are responsible for educating those interested Persian learners.

Hossein Divsalar, the Iranian cultural adviser in Japan, spoke to Japanese Persian learner, which participate for the first-time in the course of the year, pointing to the Persian language position in the world, said that: "the Persian language is one of the most beautiful and attractive languages and has attracted many enthusiasts in the world."

He added that fewer languages can be found that as much as the Persian language express ethical, mystical, love, altruistic and diverse social, cultural and other issues in most beautiful form.

Divsalar referring to the names of some of the great characters through history who have tried in the in richness of this language, said: In the history of Iranian culture and civilization, outstanding characters such as Mowlana, Sa"di, Ferdowsi, Hafez and todayʼs poets and writers can be seen, who have tried in the richness of this language, and their works have been translated into various languages and available to enthusiasts and attracted every audience.

He also pointed out the presence of prominent Iranianologists, Islamic scholars and experts of Persian language and literature in Japan, added: "We are very pleased that enthusiasts in the culture of the two countries in the field of studies related to Iran, Islam, and Persian language and literature in Japan by its distinguished characters, as well as well-known Iranian characters who have made valuable studies in Japan, cause expand the interaction and communication between the two major countries in the two East and West Asian systems and we are always grateful to these efforts.

Cultural advisory of our country, at the end of his speech expressed his satisfaction with the presence of Persian language students and the appreciation of Mrs. Tsunada, who is tried to schedule the programs and responsible for these courses, and expressed his hope that the Persian learners can work with the efforts and the cooperation of the professors to become successful in understanding and improving Persian language skills.


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