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 Persian Language Department Will be Established at Gulf College of Oman
At the ceremony of signing a cooperation agreement between the Persian Language Center of the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Gulf College of Oman it was announced that Persian Language Department will be established at this college.
11 Tuesday July 2017  9:40
 Belgrade University seeks to launch Persian language major
An academic delegation from Serbia will visit Iran to negotiate on launching a major on Persian language and literature in University of Belgrade.
24 Monday April 2017  9:11
 “Mina” the word teaching software application was released
“Mina” the word teaching software application was released.
19 Wednesday April 2017  10:18
 The Opening of the Twenty-Second Persian Language Course in Bosnia
The twenty-second Persian language course was opened in Bosnia with the presence of Minister of Culture and Sport Canton Sarajevo and teachers and students.
19 Monday September 2016  10:18
 The Reopening of Persian Language Classes in Two Major Universities in India
Persian language training classes were reopened in the University of Mumbai and IIT University, Mumbai, India with the contribution of Iran Culture House.
17 Saturday September 2016  10:18
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