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Beginning of free Persian language courses in Serbia
Persian Language and Literature Courses have been organized and begun with the effort of the Cultural Advisory of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Serbia.
Beginning of free Persian language courses in Serbia

According to isna, new free Persian language courses began with the participation of high school students, college students, and Persian language enthusiasts in the cultural Advisory of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Belgrade.

The Persian language course is organized for students in accordance with the Persian-language registration program as a second language in Serbian high schools and is under the supervision of the Serbias Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation.

Free Persian Language Courses of Irans Cultural Advisory is open for public in the form of three proficiency levels of beginner, intermediate, and advanced at the Megatrend University (John Naisbitt University), the largest private university in Serbia.

After the end of the school year, the graduation certificates are jointly awarded to the participants by the Megatrend University and Irans Cultural Advisory which reflects the educational validity of the course.

In these courses, in addition to teaching Persian language, there are various specialized educational workshops including "reading comprehension", "dialogue", "vocabulary", "instruction", and cultural programs including poetry nights and critic and the film screenings are also planned.

Also, the first Persian language teaching magazine entitled, "Persian Lantern" is specially provided to foreign students of this course. So far, five issues of "Persian Lantern" have been published and were welcomed by the learners.

It is worth mentioning that Persian language courses at Belgrade University are also conducted in accordance with the curriculum of the University and as a creditable unit has been organized from the beginning of the school year with more than 200 students.


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