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Omar Khayyam Commemorated in Tiflis State University
 Internet-Based Farsi Language Learning Website Unveiled in Georgia
On Commemoration Day of Hakim Omar Khayyam in Tiblisi State University of Georgia Republic, an internet-based Farsi language learning website was unveiled for the Georgian enthusiasts of learning Farsi.
12 Tuesday June 2018  15:1
 Beginning a new round of Persian language classes in Paris
The new round of Persian language and literature teaching classes of Iranian Culture House in Paris began with the participation of interested individuals in the culture and the Persian language.
24 Saturday February 2018  15:39
 Holding the 64th literary society meeting of the Bidel Dehlavi in New Delhi
The 64th literary society meeting of the Bidel Dehlavi was held by Iranian Cultural Advisory Research Center in New Delhi.
29 Monday January 2018  15:47
 Persian language teaching in Baghdad
The Persian Language and Literature Workshop was held in Baghdad with the coordination of our countryʼs cultural advisory.
22 Monday January 2018  9:35
 Certificate has been given to Persian language students in the Megatrend University, Serbia
Cultural Advisory of Iran celebrated the last night of autumn(Yalda) at the University of Megatrend Belgrade, Serbia. Students of elective language course were awarded that night with the certificates for the end of Persian language course
24 Sunday December 2017  14:55
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