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“Mina” the word teaching software application was released
“Mina” the word teaching software application was released.
“Mina” the word teaching software application was released

“Mina” the word teaching software application was released.

Teaching Persian words to non-Persian speakers by means of “Mina” application, created to be installed on cellphones, has been produced by Saadi Foundation and it added “Android version is available on Google Play, the international market place and Cafe Bazar and Avval Market Iranian ones”.


“Nowadays, there are different ways for learning a second language, including taking educational lessons, using multimedia compact discs, auto study books and films” reported the Public Relation of Saadi Foundation. It adds: “But new and attractive technologies and the easy access to mobile phones have made it enjoyable learning, consuming the shortest time and paying for the minimum of money”.

To achieve its educational objectives and to deal best with responsibilities related to Persian education in the world, Saadi Foundation has produced this application, based on the latest methods of foreign language learning and its IOS version will be released soon.

This bilingual application facilitated to be used by an intermediate English language, can be applied by Persian language students from different levels. It gives them help to develop domain of their vocabulary methodically.

Mina is comprised of 14 vocabulary domains and includes more than 70 lessons. Each lesson consists of 10 activities and each activity includes 20 tasks at the most; each domain has a separate test and has provided the learners with the opportunity to review what they have learnt.


Persian learners can install this application on their phones through Google Play, Cafe Bazar or Avval Market. The first three lessons are free of charge and to continue getting other lessons, it is necessary to pay for two dollars abroad and 10.000 Rials in Iran.


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19 Wednesday April 2017  |  “Mina” the word teaching software application was released
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