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Persian language teaching in Baghdad
The Persian Language and Literature Workshop was held in Baghdad with the coordination of our countryʼs cultural advisory.
Persian language teaching in Baghdad

According to the Public Relations  of  saadi foundation, workshop on Dialogue Training Persian language for students was held with the coordination of our countryʼs cultural advisory at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Baghdad University.

In this workshop, which was held at the request of the Persian Language department of the University of Baghdad, with the goal of teaching the Persian language through an Iranian professor, 160 Persian language students of the faculty of Foreign languages of the Baghdad University were attended.

The workshop was held by Amir Hossein Mojiri and Leila Kiyashemshaki, the professors from the Saadi Foundation for 8 hours. The workshop used post-teacher repetition techniques, lecturer training in each topic, grouping and providing a conversation in each group, presenting two-way conversations and reminding the mistakes through other students.

At the end of the training workshop, which was held with the participation of a group of Persian language professors of the Baghdad University, two students performed two new Persian songs with music.


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