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Notes by Paul Sprachman, an American translator, and author
I will miss the conversation and correspondence with Mohsen Soleimani
Translator of the books "Journey to Heading 270 Degrees", "Chess with the Doomsday Machine", "A City Under Siege", "Ismail" and "Da" with a commemoration of late Mohsen Soleimani published a note.
I will miss the conversation and correspondence with Mohsen Soleimani

 following the death of Mohsen Soleimani, a writer, translator, literary critic and cultural affiliate of our country in Serbia, Paul Sprachman, an American translator, and writer expressed his sympathy to the death of Mr. Mohsen Soleimani and said: he was a good friend of Persian literature and me. I saw Mr. Soleimani in the mid-1990 for the first time when he was in Iran"s delegation to the United Nations.

He was interested in translating the novel about the Iran-Iraq war (holy defense). He sent me some titles of these novels and asked which one I wanted to translate. This led to the first English translation of works of the artistic area, the book "Journey to Heading 270 Degrees" was compilated by Ahmad Dehghan, and published by Mazda Publication in California, USA.

Mr. Soleimani continued to translate the art books project. On the trips that my wife and I had in Iran, he always welcomed us warmly.

Mr. Soleimani was a serious activist in Persian and English satire.

We often talked about no translation of some jokes into two languages. I will always miss for conversations and correspondence with him.

Paul Sprachman is born in New York on May 26, 1947. He is Associate Professor of Literary and Persian Language at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA and the vice-president of Middle East studies center in the United States.

In 1981, Paul Sprachman received a Ph.D. in Persian language and literature from the University of Chicago.

He is fluent in Persian, Arabic, Latin, German, Hindi, Urdu, French, Turkish and Russian.

Paul Sprackman is a university consultant of the Allameh Iqbal association in Rutgers.

Paul Sprackman has taught since 1988 at the University of Rutgers a lesson on "Learning English as a Second Language," and also teaches the lesson of "English Language and Literature" at the University of Isfahan in 1975-1979.


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