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The fourth meeting of Persian language was held in Damascus
The fourth meeting of Persian language residents of Syria was held in the hall of the Iranology Center of Iranʼs Cultural advisory, with the slogan "Empathy, Compassion" in Damascus.
The fourth meeting of Persian language was held in Damascus

 in this meeting a group of Persian language lovers, Persian language students, Persian language teachers of Iranʼ"s cultural advisory Syrian universities, as well as the Al-Mustafa Zeinabiya community were attended, the cultural advisor Abolfazl Salehinia. Abolfazl salahinia, Iranʼs cultural advisor in Syria, said those who learn Persian as a second language for any reason when they are away from Iran and the Persian language community and do not speak Persian, they would forget Persian and reduce their fluency. One of the concerns a solution to help with this problem.

He continued: "In this regard, we have scheduled regular meetings of Persian language and we speak only in Persian. This is the fourth meeting and I am glad that all the meetings have been held.

The cultural adviser of our country further emphasized the necessity of continuous attendance at the meetings, adding that these meetings will lead to the establishment of the Association of Persian Language Lovers, and if friends support, they can record this association as a popular organization and receive a legal license for it.  In this case, the Association of Persian Language Lovers will be able to do a variety of activities, including holding Persian language courses, holding cheap tours, cooperating with Iranian cultural advisory for conducting cultural and artistic activities, and so on.

Then the participants introduced themselves. In this part of the meeting, a Persian-language student who taught this language in cultural advisory of our country and she traveled to Iran by her personal expenses to learn carpet art, talked about her experiences of traveling to Iran and the morality of the Iranian people.

She traveled to Iran two times and 4 months in total lived in Iran especially in the cities of Mashhad and Kashan, while referring to the active, influential and powerful presence of the Iranian woman in all affairs of society and family, mentioned the kindness, friendship, and Sincerely help the Iranian people.

In the following, other participants who had an experience of traveling to Iran expressed their ideas about their feeling of Iran before the trip and what they had seen in Iran. Then, the participants presented a dialogue and a question and answer.



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