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Persian language classes began in Erzurum
The winter course of the Persian language and literature classes with the effort of our countryʼs Cultural Counselor began in Erzurum.
Persian language classes began in Erzurum

According to the Public Relations of saadi foundation, In order to strengthen the scientific foundation and increase the level of scientific knowledge of Persian language and literature students, as well as professors and students interested in Iran"s culture and language in various fields of study, the winter course of open classes in Persian language and literature in intermediate classes, translation and Y.D.S classes began with the effort of Cultural Counselor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Erzurum.

The advanced courses in these classes are teaching by Koshesh, the dispatched professor from Ministry of Science at the Atatürk University, and translation and intermediate courses with the presence of Hamid Zamanlou, a translator of the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Erzurum were held.

Among the lateral programs of this courses, it can be mentioned that there are educational classes of Iranʼs cinema and culture, Open Weekly Dialogue, Familiarity with Iranʼs literary and religious figures, the translation of Iranian journals as well as essays on free topics.


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