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Certificate has been given to Serbianʼs Persian language Students
With the help of our countryʼs cultural advisory, the ceremony for giving certificate to Serbianʼs Persian language Students and the introduction of the language, culture and literature of Iran was held at Belgradeʼs foreign language high school.
Certificate has been given to Serbianʼs Persian language Students

According to the Public Relations Office of  saadi foundation, the ceremony was attended by Dushko Babiyev, Belgradeʼs foreign language teacher, Mohsen Soleimani, Iranʼs cultural affiliate in Serbia, Saeed Safari, an expedition Master from the Saadi Foundation to Belgrade High School as well as a number of high-level officials and students of Belgrade, besides, students were awarded end-of-course certifications.

At the start of the ceremony, Dushko Babiyev, the high school director, gave a description of the two-year history and how to open Persian courses in this high school and he said: "It is a joyous moment, the move that we started with the Iranian Cultural Advisory in Serbia in two years ago about launching the Persian language in this high school, has come to good result."

"At that time, we did not know that this cooperation with a country from a region that is geographically far away from us, but in terms of civilization and culture it has an important role, will have such a result and success in two years," he said.

Dushko also said that in a statement before the ceremony, the Iranian cultural adviser announced that the cultural advisory would be ready to provide scholarships for students who want to study Persian language and literature at Iranian universities. Also, next year, we will send a few students to Iran for participate in short-term language courses.

Then Maria Lobos and Militsa Damianovich, two students of school, read the poems of Sa"di and Sohrab Sepehri in Persian and expressed the Serbian translation.

Boyana Dovich, a Persian teacher in the school, gave a report on Persian language courses in high school, followed by a short video about Iran.

At the end of this part of the ceremony, Alexa Cerioish, a student of the last year of high school, spoke about the Persian language. He said: "Persian is a language of India and Europe, which is the main language in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and about 120 million people speak the language in general.

In the next section, Saeed Safari, a professor of Persian language at Belgrade University, praised the students for their choice of Persian language and their hard-working learning. He said: Persian language has a few differences with the Serbian language and naturally learning this language is a bit trouble for you. For example, Persian is written opposite to your language from right to left, it has a lot of points and many letters are attached to each other. And because it does not appear in the vowels, itʼs a bit hard to read. But you have succeeded in this, and now you can speak and read in the sweet Persian language.

He emphasized: "You have more advantages than your friends who came to this high school together with you, because you now learn another language in addition to the languages you read or know, besides, you are familiar with the culture the language of the country with ancient civilization, and this is a special congratulatory message.

At the end of this section, Mohsen Soleimani, a cultural affiliate of Iran in Serbia, spoke about elements of Iranian identity and Iranian features. Referring to the Iranian national identity, he said: "Iranians, like all other countries, have a number of specific features; social, cultural, psychological, intellectual, biological, linguistic, religious, and historical features; but the most important features of the Iranian identity are: Persian language, history, civilization and Shiite religion.

He then pointed out in Persian language and said that Persian is one of the oldest and most classical languages of the world with rich literature. In some periods, it has changed from ancient Persian into Middle Persian (Pahlavi) and later into Persian Dari. The richness of this language in Iran was such that, unlike the Egyptian people, the Iranians not only preserved their language after Islam, but also, using Arabic language, enriched the vocabulary and compositions of the Persian language more and even Persian language has written the first grammar for Arabic language.

Soleimani added: Persian is the 11th language of the Internet, the second language of the Islamic world and the language of many famous poets and literary people of the world and the world"s greatest mystics. This language is also taught in many universities around the world.

He also pointed to the history of Iran: Historically, Iranians have a very ancient history and civilization. More than 2500 years ago, one of the kings of Iran, Cyrus, has published the first human rights charter. The Iranians more than a thousand years ago had a lot of developed cities and astonishing administrative order to manage their vast land. They have been one of the great civilizations in the world, and after the introduction of Islam, scientists, writers, philosophers, artists and great architects have been presented to the world. Now some of the remnants of monuments and important works of art in the two pre-Islamic and post-Islamic periods of Iran can be found in two Iranian cities, namely Shiraz and Esfahan.

The cultural affiliation of our country also said: "Another feature of Iranians is their religion. The Iranians are Muslim, but their religion is Shiite.

Shiites do not differ in the principles and most of the Islamic issues with other Islamic religions, but Iranians follow the rulers and Imams who came from the Prophetʼs family, more than other Islamic religions.

Soleimani also gave a brief explanation of his speeches about the geographic, cultural and social characteristics of Iranians.

At the end of the ceremony, by Iranʼs Cultural Advisor in Serbia, those Students who successfully completed the course in Persian language were awarded the diploma of this course and Serbian translation of Mohammad Reza Bayramiʼs book "Sabalanʼs Stories".

According to the news, Belgradeʼs Foreign Language High School is the only foreign language high school in Belgrade, in which 10 languages are taught in the four-year program. 8 live languages and 2 Latin and Ancient Greek languages.

Since November 2015, the first Persian language training course in this high school began experimentally, and the Serbian Graduate School of Intelligence also monitored these courses to cite their final assessment of the Persian language as the official language of instruction in Serbian schools. Currently, 20 students in this high school are studying Persian as the second language.

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